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Parent Stories
"I wanted to reach out to express my sincere thanks. Thank you for this amazing school and the teachers are priceless!!  Ms. Barton, I have to just rave about Ms. Smith. Can I just say wow she's amazing! I am so grateful for her. I have sat in for a week tomorrow and wow these kids are genius!!! I love her teaching and singing and the love she gives to my little girl is impeccable!! I love Ms Smith and I have had some wonderful times with her during this innovative time!! Thank you for all you do and I just had to cheer for this magnificent teacher!! I love her and I love you!! Thanks again my sweet sister!!"

- Alicia B.

"We love our school, teachers, and faculty!"
- Heather S.
"An amazing school!  Great teachers that show our children love and support in all ways.  We love being OCA lions!"
- Andrea J.
"The teachers are top notch! They really care about each student and their educational and personal success.  Thank you OCA teachers you are the best."
- Joy S.
Student Stories
"I love Oasis because it is a Christian school, and we get to do fun things in class.  All my friends are here, and the teachers are nice."
- Lyla G. (4th grade)
" I like Oasis because I have great friends, all the kids are nice, and PE is more fun here than any school I've ever been to." 
- CJ C. (7th grade)
"I love my teacher and my classroom!"
- Tianna B. (Kindergarten Five) 
Faculty/Staff Stories
"As an employee, I can say that Oasis Christian Academy is a fantastic place to work. Our administration is supportive and encouraging. The teachers love and care for the kids while continuing to teach high academic standards. Our non-instructional personnel are supportive and helpful to all the kids, preschool through twelfth grade. OCA is a great place to work." 
- Teresa W
Oasis Christian Academy is an awesome place to work at as well as attend! I loved attending the school so much I came back to be an educator! I would highly recommend this school for anyone who is looking for a godly environment for their child to be educated in!
- Chad M
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