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3rd Grade
In 3rd grade, students at OCA are expected to have a solid grasp on a number of concepts in all core subjects, including Bible.  With this understanding, our 3rd graders will begin to delve into more complex topics that will require them to analyze the material even further and begin to gain critical thinking skills as they become more independent learners.
We continue with Purposeful Design as our curriculum.  3rd-graders study and recite weekly Bible verses to reinforce the teachings of Scripture.  Our Bible curriculum concentrates on the Parables of Jesus, the fall of man and God’s redemptive plan, the Life of Christ, the Early Church, and the missionary journeys of the Apostle Paul. 
We emphasize reading aloud with our 3rd graders to ensure grade-level fluency; we continue using novels to explore the vast world of literature and its many themes and ideas.  School library visits each week allow students to take an active role in their fluency and comprehension.
We continue with the Bob Jones University curriculum in 3rd grade, which primarily focuses on multiplication and division of two and three-digit numbers, fractions, and measurement.  Each new concept is taught as a whole group using direct instruction and reinforced in group learning through differentiated instruction.  Technology is applied through learning sites such as BrainPop, MobyMax, RocketMath, and Starfall.
Language Arts
Language arts primarily focuses on employing the skills and concepts from previous grades to publish writings such as personal narratives, opinions, poems, and informational reports using grade-appropriate language, spelling, and grammar.  We continue to present information orally according to the Oral Presentation Guidelines properly.  Finally, iPads apps during computer time are used to reinforce learned skills.
In 3rd grade at OCA, use Bob Jones University curriculum to study states and properties of matter, motion, electricity, magnetics, and the solar system along with the role of the United States in its exploration.
We continue with the Bob Jones curriculum to study and focus on the natural resources of and currencies of North America, along with its geography, the role of government at the national, state, and local levels, the different branches of our national government, and the U.S. Constitution.
By the end of 3rd grade, students will:
  • Demonstrate Christian virtues and explain why as Christians, we should show these
  • Know the Bible as the Word of God
  • Know ways to grow in our faith, demonstrate love for others, and share the Gospel
  • Memorize key passages of Scripture, and know ways to apply them
  • Worship God through music, prayer, and study of His word
  • Consistently spell assigned pattern and high frequency words
  • Fluently read and comprehend texts at a third grade level
  • Read with sufficient accuracy and fluency to support comprehension
  • Read, write, and compare numbers through the hundred thousands
  • Correctly add and subtract up to three-digit numbers with and without regrouping
  • Read, interpret, and create data graphs such as: tally charts, pictographs, bar graphs, line graphs, etc.
  • Tell time to the nearest half-hour and quarter-hour and determine elapsed time when given a beginning and ending time
  • Memorize multiplication/division facts through the 9’s
  • Multiply one-digit numbers by two-digit numbers
  • Divide 2-digit numbers by one-digit numbers with and without remainders
  • Identify congruent and symmetrical figures
  • Find perimeter and area of polygons
  • Estimate and measure lengths, weights, volumes, and temperatures
  • Express probability using given data
  • Identify, compare, estimate, and read fractional parts
  • Add and subtract fractions with the same denominator


Language Arts
  • Develop and publish writings such as personal narratives, opinions, poems, and informational reports using grade appropriate language, spelling, and grammar.
  • Legibly write words in cursive
  • Orally present information according to Oral Presentation Guidelines
  • Identify the parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and pronouns)


  • Identify the parts and functions of a plant
  • Identify matter by its properties and distinguish between its three states
  • Define motion terms: linear, rotational, periodic
  • Explain how electricity flows through a current and classify insulators and conductors
  • Identify different types of magnets and their usefulness to mankind
  • Identify and describe rocks and minerals by their physical properties
  • Identify and label different landforms and explain how sudden and gradual changes affect the earth’s surface
  • Name the planets in order
  • Identify the sun as the center of the solar system
  • Describe the history of the U.S.’s exploration of space and its importance
  • Identify natural resources and currencies of the countries of North America 
  • Identify group and individual actions of citizens that demonstrate civic virtues
  • Distinguish between different types of communities
  • Define vocabulary such as: producers, consumers, services, natural resources, volunteers, etc.
  • Describe the role of government at the national, state, and local level
  • Identify the three branches of government
  • Recognize the constitution as the basis for the U.S. government
  • Identify major U.S. landmarks
  • Label the continents and oceans on a map
  • Identify and label the 50 U.S. states
  • Label the countries of North America
  • Explore how different cultures have influenced the U.S.


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