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Our faculty and staff are talented and gifted individuals who are dedicated followers of Christ specifically called to fulfill the mission of Oasis Christian Academy.  The OCA faculty and staff are spiritually mature believers called to serve, and equipped by God with hearts for furnishing instruction to and cultivating the hearts of our students in order to best prepare them to impact the world for Christ upon leaving OCA.

Our faculty bring a wealth of expertise and educational knowledge to our academy. In addition to maintaining educational certification with ACSI, 100% of our faculty have a bachelor's degree, 15% of our faculty have a master’s degree, over 60% have been teaching for 5 years or more, with over 50% of those teachers teaching for 10 years or more.

"…but everyone who is fully trained will be like their teacher." - Luke 6:40 (NIV)

Early Education

OCA offers a half-day, five day a week Early Education preschool program for three-year-olds & a program for four-year-olds through VPK.  Our goal is to nurture and encourage every child's positive self-image in an atmosphere of love and caring by focusing on essential childhood developmental areas through a domain-based environment.  This practice, encompassed in a Christian setting, provides the backdrop for an early education curriculum that offers opportunities for each child to grow in the awareness of the love of God as we partner with parents.  Our fully accredited preschool program offers a low student to teacher ratio and small classes where children can explore, develop, and interact with other children in a fun, structured setting.

  • Profile Photo

    Teresa Wilson

    Early Education Director Teresa heads up our VPK program. She provides a w ...
  • Profile Photo

    Angela Moates

    Early Education Instructor Angela teaches our littlest students, and her room ...
  • Profile Photo

    Tiffany Wood

    Early Education Instructor This is Tiffany's first year with us, and we are e ...

Elementary Education

Our elementary school program anticipates big changes in the lives of our "cubs."  Our students come to Kindergarten inexperienced, but with limitless potential.  Later, when they graduate from fifth grade, our goal is to produce more self-sufficient adolescents capable of navigating middle school.  During these formative years at OCA, we want to partner with parents to further the development of these students spiritually, intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially as they begin to discover who the Lord wants them to be.

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    Samantha Wilson

    Kindergarten Instructor This is Samantha's fifth year with OCA and her fou ...
  • Profile Photo

    Louan Bagley

    1st Grade Instructor This is Louan's fourth year with OCA, and we are e ...
  • Profile Photo

    Carlee Peters

    1st Grade Instructor This is Carlee's 1st year with us, and we are exci ...
  • Profile Photo

    Tonya Smith

    2nd Grade Instructor Tonya brings enthusiasm and energy to an environme ...
  • Profile Photo

    Stacey Clark

    3rd Grade Instructor Stacey's meticulous attention to her classroom env ...
  • Profile Photo

    Claire Madrigal

    4th Grade Instructor This is Claire's 2nd year with us, and we are thri ...
  • Profile Photo

    Terri Price

    4th Grade Instructor Terri is vital to OCA, and we are excited to have ...
  • Profile Photo

    Michael Conway

    Elementary PE Instructor This is Michael's third year with us, and he is so ...
  • Jennifer Ayala

    5th Grade Instructor/ 6th Grade Literature
  • Tiffany Browdy

    5th Grade Math This is Tiffany's 1st year with us, and we are exc ...
  • Jill Cline

    5th Grade Instructor/ HS Communications Academy This is Jill's 1st year with us, and we are excite ...

Middle School Prep

As Oasis Christian Academy continues to grow, we have found a need to regroup our older elementary/ pre-middle school students that we are calling Middle School Prep.  Our desire is to transition the upper elementary student into a successful Middle School student by focusing heavily on the core subject of math, grammar, spelling, literature, and science.  These core subjects are critical to the continued development and eventual admittance into Middle School.

Middle School

Middle schoolers are transitioning from children to adolescents.  This period of life is full of significant changes. We at OCA, want to guide our students through these transitions as smoothly as possible.  We understand this is a time in life when they are beginning the long transition towards adulthood; we deeply desire to partner with parents to undertake this walk together. Our goal is to prepare our students to enter high school as well adjusted individuals who are closer to being the person the Lord wants them to be with perhaps an inkling of what the Lord may be calling them to do.  

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    Juan Ayala

    Middle School Prep & Middle School PE/ Athletic Coach We are thrilled to have Coach Ayala on our team ag ...
  • Profile Photo

    Tiffany Browdy

    Middle School Math This is Tiffany's 1st year with us, and we are exc ...
  • Profile Photo

    Melissa Carr

    Middle School Science Melissa's classroom reflects her love for learning ...
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    Kim Heath

    7th & 8th Language/ 8th Lit Kim is responsible for teaching language to our mi ...
  • Profile Photo

    Jayne Kennon

    6th Bible & Language/6th, 7th, & 8th History This is Jayne's second year with OCA, and we thril ...

High School

High school is a pivotal time in the lives of our students.  It is an essential time to focus on preparation for college as well as adulthood. The process begins in eighth grade with the placement of your students in one of two academic tracks that will focus on a specific college prep program. All of our high school students take the PSAT, PLAN, SAT, and ACT as part of their academic requirements.  Prep classes for these tests are offered as electives periodically.  The process that starts in middle school then culminates at graduation with our students stepping out into the world prepared to live the life to which the Lord calls them.   

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    Ronda Ayers

    Yearbook/ Athletic Coach This is Ronda's third year teaching with us, but s ...
  • Profile Photo

    Michael Ferguson

    High School English/ Behavioral Sciences Academy This is Michael's third year teaching with us, and ...
  • Profile Photo

    Jordan Harmon

    11th & 12th Bible Bible/ Spanish/ Practical Ministries Academy This is Jordan's third year with us, and we are so ...
  • Profile Photo

    Marianne Herlocker

    High School History/ College Prep & Life Skills This is Marianne's 1st year with us, and we are ex ...
  • Profile Photo

    Pamela Mascioli

    Fine Arts Director/ 11th History/ 12th Govt./Econ. This is Pamela's second year with us and is helpin ...
  • Profile Photo

    Dr. Richard NeSmith

    High School Science This is Dr. NeSmith's 1st year with us, and we are ...
  • Profile Photo

    Bobby Walker

    Fine Arts Academy Instructor
  • Profile Photo

    Chelsea Williams

    High School Math This is Chelsea's 1st year with us, and we are exc ...
  • Profile Photo

    Matt Zurowski

    High School Bible This is Matt's 1st year with us, and we are excite ...

Support Staff

Our support staff is invaluable to the Academy.  We couldn't do what we do, or be who we are without them.

  • Profile Photo

    Shirley Carson

    Campus Aide After serving as a teacher with OCA for 40 years, ...
  • Profile Photo

    Juan Colòn

    Custodial This is Mr. Juan's 2nd year at OCA, and we love ha ...
  • Profile Photo

    Sharleen Giles

    Aftercare Director/ Elementary Enrichment Aide Sharleen provides a wonderful atmosphere for learn ...
  • Profile Photo

    Steph Gladura

    Elementary Fine Arts Instructor This is Steph's 1st year with us, and we are excit ...
  • Profile Photo

    Amity McGee

    Custodial Amity is an integral part of OCA. She is always o ...
  • Profile Photo

    Kasey McGinnis

    Lunchroom/Class Aide This is Kasey's first year with us, and we are exc ...
  • Profile Photo

    Martha O'Quinn

    Reception Martha serves at the front desk as our primary rec ...
  • Profile Photo

    Whitney Muniz

    Reception This is Whitney's first year with us, and we are e ...
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