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5th Grade
Fifth grade marks the culmination of elementary at OCA, and the transition toward middle school begins. It is vital to ensure that they have a solid grasp on a wide range of concepts in order to help them finish the year strong and be well-prepared as they transition fully into middle school.  In fifth grade, students will practice more complex mathematical concepts such as exponents, decimals, and fractions, and they will learn new vocabulary words in literature, science, and social studies as well significantly focus on grammar skills.
In fifth grade, we transition to Bob Jones curriculum, and students do an in-depth look in the  Old  Testament. This ensures that students have a strong biblical foundation as they move up through middle school and onto high school.  
Beginning in fifth grade, students have a dedicated class devoted to literature and the concepts entailed such as understanding character development, themes, etc.  We continue to focus on The Chronicles of Narnia series began in fourth grade while building on the skills learned in elementary, with special focus on reading comprehension, critical thinking, and verbal and written summarization.
Students will focus on the skills they have learned in previous years, with an emphasis on the understanding and application of multiplication, division, fractions, and some decimals. Fact mastery continues to be a major focus to ensure a strong foundation for more complex skills developed later.    Finally, critical thinking and problem solving are developed in each lesson through teaching techniques, story problems, and problem-solving lessons. 
Language Arts
Language arts in 5th grade focuses heavily on grade-appropriate grammar concepts and skills.  We also continue to present information orally according to the Oral Presentation Guidelines properly.  Finally, iPads apps are used to reinforce learned computer skills and beginning research skills.
We use Bob Jones curriculum to learn an overview of the sciences that pertain to our natural world, including weather, the rock cycle, light & sound, and the layers of the earth. 
In fifth grade at OCA, history will take students through the history of the United States, including government, economics, and geography.
By the end of 5th grade, students will:
  • Understand the nature and character of God
  • Know the qualities of His people and His Church 
  • Recognize the attributes of God
  • Understand what it means to know Jesus Christ and live for him
  • Use knowledge of grade-appropriate phonics and word-analysis skills to decode words
  • Read grade-level texts with accuracy 
  • Analyze how the setting, events, conflict, and characterization contribute to the plot of a literary text
  • Explain the development of a stated or implied theme, central idea, and author’s purpose of a literary text
  • Explain how figurative language and other poetic elements work together in a poem or piece of literature
  • Summarize a text to enhance comprehension
  • Write personal or fictional narratives using a logical sequence of event – using such things as dialogue, description, and transitional words
  • Improve writing by planning, revising, and editing, with guidance and support from adults and feedback from peers. 
  • Follow rules of Standard English grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling appropriate to grade level.
  • Recognize and appropriately use grade-level academic vocabulary in speaking and writing. 
  • understand place value and algebraic thinking
  • Be able to multiply and divide whole numbers
  • Know operations with decimals
  • Understand fraction concepts and operations with fractions
  • Recognize patterns
  • Problem solve and use real-life uses of math
Language Arts
  • Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking
  • Demonstrate fluent and legible cursive writing skills.
  • Explain the function of conjunctions, prepositions, and interjections in general and their function in particular sentences
  • Form and use the perfect (e.g., I had walked; I have walked; I will have walked) verb tenses
  • Use verb tense to convey various times, sequences, states, and conditions
  • Recognize and correct inappropriate shifts in verb tense
  • Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English capitalization, punctuation, and spelling when writing
  • Use commas correctly in writing assignments
  • Use underlining, quotation marks, or italics to indicate titles of works
  • Spell grade-appropriate words correctly, consulting references as needed


  • Understand the rock cycle
  • Identify minerals, rocks, and fossils
  • Identify matter by its properties and distinguish between its three states
  • Understand the properties of sound and light
  • Identify weather events and their effects
  • Recognize and explain differing ecosystems
  • Understand and recognize the respiratory and circulatory systems and identify the parts of which they consist
  • Know the 50 states and their capitols
  • Recognize the geographical regions of the United States
  • Understand the impact of the Native Americans on society
  • Explain the routes of exploration in the new world
  • Understand the beginning history of the United States
  • Explain the tensions between the colonies & Great Britain
  • Understand the importance of The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution & the Bill of Rights


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