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"Once a Lion, Always a Lion"

Oasis Christian Academy is proud of its graduates.  Our alumni leave the pride to go out into the world to make a Kingdom difference.
Mission Statement: 
We as, the Oasis Christian Alumni Association strive to support all alumni of the Academy. 
1. Communicate and update alumni on the Academy happenings.
2. Foster a sense of passion toward the Academy. 
3. Create a community among the alumni of the Academy

Please peruse our alumni directory to see how our alumni are making a difference in our community and in the world.

Alumni, please connect with us so that we can create or update your profile.  This feature is for you to stay connected to your school family.  

Link: Alumni Welcome Letter

Korey Seibel (Class of 2008) is the head of our alumni association.  You can connect with him at

Alumni Association
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  • Aaron Gall

    Class of 2000
  • Chad Moore

    Class of 2012
  • Korey Seibel

    Class of 2008
  • Dakota Page

    Class of 2008


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