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By the end of summer before 10th grade begins students should:
  • Read as much as possible.
  • Begin writing practice essays.
  • Register for OCA's college-prep classes.
  • Sign-up for extracurricular activities/clubs.
By the end of 1st-semester 10th grade students should:
  • Take the PSAT.
  • Take the PRACT.
  • Continuing building a college resume.
  • Begin creating a list of potential colleges.
  • Continue to earn community service hours.
By the end of 2nd-semester 10th grade students should:
  • Begin taking SAT subject area tests.
  • Begin attending college fairs.
  • Have at least 50% of your community service hours complete.
10th Grade
Sophomores are firmly entrenched in high school and begin to focus on topics of interest that will keep them motivated and learning in preparation for life beyond high school and what the Lord may be calling them to do in order to impact the world for Him.
Our sophomores explore the complexity of Christian's journey  Pilgrim's Progress and the value of God's Word its relation to their own journey today through the curriculum provided by Positive Action. 
In English, tenth graders study the eight parts of speech, verbal phrases, clauses, usage, and mechanics of English grammar. They also utilize our OCA database to sharpen research and library skills.  Finally, they begin to focus on effective test-taking strategies in preparation for the SAT and ACT tests. 
Our geometry students work to enhance problem-solving skills by developing the thinking processes essential for both higher math courses and everyday life.  Sophomores in Algebra II further develop reasoning skills through advanced algebra concepts such as quadratic equations, polynomials, complex numbers, logarithms, and trigonometry; they also will solve and graph algebraic functions.
We continue to use Bob Jones curriculum for our tenth grade Biology learn about cellular biology, genetics, taxonomy, microbiology, botany, zoology, and human anatomy while studying topics such as creation and evolution, human cloning, abortion, and stem cell research through the lens of Scripture.
World History
Our sophomores utilize the curriculum provided by Bob Jones to study World History from creation to present day events. Students will analyze cultures, environments, and world religions throughout the history of our planet from a biblical perspective. 
By the end of 10th grade, students will:
  • Understand the lost man is in need of an escape from the damnation of hell
  • Understand that salvation is found in the power of the cross
  • Understand that God’s Word is the Christian’s tool against Satan
  • Understand that God pursues the lost
  • Understand that God’s Word is alive and powerful
  • Understand who we are in relationship to God, the Creator
  • Understand spiritual dangers in the life of a Christian
  • Understand the church and its purpose in the life of a believer
  • Understand the role of humility in the life of a believer
  • Understand how to avoid sin and how to turn from and experience victory over sin
  • Understand faith and how to grow one’s faith
  • Understand the fear of /reverence for The Lord
  • Understand the Bible and how to study it
  • Understand how to grow daily in one’s relationship with God
  • Use language correctly and purposefully to communicate clearly and effectively
  • Demonstrate writing reading and research skills while studying To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Have a basic knowledge of reading comprehension through literature and short stories
  • Have a basic understanding of the main idea of a variety of texts and analyze how they are developed and supported
  • Understand how an author's choices in wording and structure impact the meaning, tone, and style of the text
  • Write clearly and effectively for a variety of tasks, purposes, and audiences using an appropriate process
  • Apply deductive and inductive reasoning to create proofs that justify theorems
  • Create constructions illustrating key geometric concepts
  • Identify, classify, and investigate geometric figures in space
  • Determine congruence and similarity between figures
  • Classify and explore the geometric characteristics of quadrilaterals
  • Calculate lengths, areas, and volumes of two- and three- dimensional figures
  • Investigate, describe, and apply the characteristics of various transformations
  • Apply trigonometric ratios to find unknown measures of triangles



Algebra II
  • Understand the guiding concepts of Algebra II
  • Demonstrate proficiency in algebraic knowledge and skills
  • Analyze families of functions using various representations
  • Analyze mathematical data to solve real-life applications
  • Prepare for future academic, career, and service opportunities


  • Demonstrate understanding of the methods and philosophy behind biology
    Describe the general characteristics of living things
    Classify living organisms according to individual traits
    Summarize the basic anatomic and physiological traits of organisms found within the domains of life
World History
  • Explain why humans build cities and civilizations and trace the rise and fall of civilizations through the course of history
  • Trace the roots of Christianity in Judaism, outline the growth of Christianity, and assess its impact on the cultures of the world
  • Assess the role of other religions in human cultures, especially Islam, and evaluate each religion studied
  • Analyze and evaluate how different cultures have viewed the importance of individualism, justice, and citizenship
  • Analyze the development of trade and explain its impact on human culture and economic growth
  • Evaluate various economic systems
  • Discuss the roles Christians may play in a global society


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