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The curriculum of Oasis Christian Academy is structured to foster strong academic preparation, and the spiritual development necessary to train children for life as Christians. Students are encouraged to put their faith in action through local school-sponsored programs.

We offer a program of study from early education through senior graduation which includes our curriculum of core subjects –Bible, Literature & Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies – while integrating the special subject areas of art, music, physical education, technology & digital literacy, library, and foreign language. Some of the curriculums employed are ABEKA and Bob Jones, ACSI Math, Glencoe, and ACSI Purposeful Design.

Our smaller classroom settings are beneficial to maximize each student's potential, allowing us to develop the spiritual, intellectual, physical, and social skills on a one-on-one basis.  OCA strives to provide a personalized, lifelong learning system that cultivates the potential in each student to impact their communities beyond OCA.  (we need one more sentence...)

Finally, we are proud to state that the majority of our graduates are accepted into the college or university of their choice; some prefer to head straight into the career of their choice or the military.  Our job is to utilize best practices to make sure students know their options and choose a course of action that best suits their individual needs and calling.


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