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Teresa Wilson (VPK Director)

  • Bachelor's Degree in Special Education (University of South Florida)
  • ACSI certified
  • 22 years teaching experience
  • 13 years teaching at OCA
  • 2015 Commitment to Excellence Award recipient
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Teresa heads up our VPK program.  She provides a warm and stable atmosphere for the little ones in her care.  Her hands-on approach to instruction and love for teaching is evident in her classroom.  


Angela Moates (K-3)

  • 1st year teaching experience
  • 1st year teaching at OCA
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Angie teaches our littlest students, and her room is cheery and full of fun.  Her love for her students is evident, and her calm and patient demaenor is perfect for our 3-year olds. 


Angie Phillips (VPK)

  • ACSI certified
  • CDA certification
  • 26 years teaching experience
  • 7 years teaching at OCA
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Angie's contagious enthusiasm and zest for life provide an exciting and fun atmosphere for her preschoolers.  Her fun-loving approach to teaching allows her students to receive the structured education they need in a cheerful atmosphere.