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Shirley Carson (K5)

  • ACSI certified
  • 46 years teaching experience
  • 36-year teaching at OCA
  • 2014 Pam Gall Award for Superior Achievement recipient
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Shirley has taught kindergarten on this campus for thirty-six years.  In fact, she has personally taught many of the parents who currently have their children in our school. Her dedication to Christian service and her students is exceeded only by the excellence she brings to our K5 classroom.


Samantha Wilson (K5)

  • B.S. Education (University of South Florida)
  • ACSI Certified
  • State Certified
  • ESOL endorsement 
  • 6 years teaching experience
  • 3 years teaching at OCA
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This is Samantha's third year with OCA and her second year in Kindergarten after teaching 4th grade for us previously.  Her quiet and gentle spirit provides an atmosphere where our kindergarteners can learn in a stress- free environment.  Her classroom is relaxed, yet structured. 


Louan Bagley (1st Grade)

  • B.S. Education (Georgia College)
  • Master's in Literacy (Walden University)
  • State Certified in Primary Education
  • State Certified in Elementary Education
  • ACSI Certified
  • 26 years teaching experience
  • 2 years teaching at OCA
  • 2018 Commitment to Excellence Award recipient
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This is Louan's second year with OCA, and we are excited to have her as part of our OCA family.  Her organized structure combined with her genuine love and care for her first-graders provides an excellent environment for students to thrive.


Jasmine Neil (1st Grade)

  • A.A. Sociology (Polk State College)
  • B.A. Organizational Management (Warner University)
  • 8 years teaching experience
  • 1st year teaching at OCA
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This is Jasmine's first year with us, and we are so happy to have her here at OCA.  Her calm and quiet demeanor is perfect for our little first graders transitioning into a more structured atmosphere.  


Becky Argueta (2nd Grade)

  • B.S. Elementary Education  (Southeastern University)
  • State Certified
  • ESOL Certified
  • ESE Certified
  • ACSI Certified
  • 11 years teaching experience
  • 9 years teaching at OCA
  • 2016 Commitment to Excellence Award recipient
  • 2018 Power of One Award recipient
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Becky's many certifications give our lower elementary program a solid foundation in all subjects, especially reading.  Her emphasis on reading is critical to the success of our younger learners. After teaching for 8 years in our first grade, Becky is moving to second grade this year.  Her quiet and gentle demeanor allows for a stress-free yet, challenging learning environment.


Tonya Smith (2nd Grade)

  • B.S. Elementary Education  (Warner Southern University)
  • State Certified
  • ACSI Certified
  • 10 years teaching experience
  • 9 years teaching at OCA
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Tonya brings enthusiasm and energy to an environment where young minds can respond in kind.  Second graders are active and curious; Mrs. Smith responds with structure and substance that allows our students to explore in an organized environment.


Stacey Clark (3rd Grade)

  • B.S. Elementary Education  (Brenau University)
  • State Certified
  • ACSI Certified
  • 16 years teaching experience
  • 8 years teaching at OCA
  • 2015 Commitment to Excellence Award recipient 
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Stacey's meticulous attention to her classroom environment and lessons allows for a seamless flow in an already vibrant educational environment.  Her genuine desire to see all her students succeed is evident in her accepting and supportive manner.  Stacey's classroom is as exciting as it is varied.  


Dottie Mobley (4th Grade)

  • B.S. Education (Southeastern University)
  • State Certified in Early Education
  • State Certified in Elementary Education
  • ACSI Certified
  • 28 years teaching experience
  • 2 years teaching at OCA
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This is Dottie's second year with OCA, and we are so glad to include her in our OCA family.  Her classroom is organized but differentiated providing her students with multiple approaches to learning.       


Teresa Bryant (Elementary Aide)

  • 21 years teaching experience
  • 1st year at OCA
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This is Teresa's first year with us, and we are thrilled to have her with us.  Her sweet spirit and love for our students in evident in her interactions with each and every one of them.


Sharleen Giles (Elementary Art/Computer/PE Aide)

  • CDL Certificate 
  • 5 years teaching experience
  • 5 years teaching at OCA
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Sharleen provides a wonderful atmosphere for learning.  Her genuine care for each student along with her desire for those students' to succeed translates well to our varied ages in PE.


Sophia Eplin (Elementary Computer, PE, and Spanish)

  • AA in Elementary Education (Polk State College)
  • BA in Psychology (Southeastern)
  • 2 years teaching experience
  • 2 years teaching at OCA
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After filling in in Middle School for us last year, Sophia is moving to our Elementary and her first love, teaching and interacting with our younger students. Her love for our enrichment classes along with her genuine care for our younger students bodes well to the success of our enrichment program.


Cara Gall (Elementary Library)

  • B.A. English Literature (University of South Florida)
  • Master's in Information and Library Sciences (University of South Florida)
  • ACSI Certified
  • 7 years teaching experience
  • 7 years teaching at OCA
  • 2014 Power of One Award recipient
  • Email

Cara's love for books and learning makes her a wonderful fit as our librarian.  She is always looking for new ways to inspire that love in her students through multiple platforms across all ages.  She also engages the students in the inner workings of how a library works, as well as how to search for information in the digital age.  Her library is a go-to place for our students.