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Why OCA?


We promote a Christian worldview.


At the very center of Oasis Christian Academy is Christ.  As children's hearts grow through a personal relationship with Christ, we know our efforts will endure for eternity.  But even as we anticipate for that world to come, we strive to equip our students with a Biblically-based understanding for the Christian life they will live out in this world. Despite its broken state, we encourage children to learn from and enjoy the whole of God's creation.


We are achieving academic excellence.


At Oasis Christian Academy we believe that achieving academically and achieving an appreciation for the source of true life - Jesus Christ - are not mutually exclusive.  In fact, as children focus on their life purpose of glorifying and enjoying God, they are better able to appreciate the wonders of His creation displayed around them, ready for discovery.  At OCA, we nurture the student's curiosity about God's world with a curriculum rich in literature, original sources, hands-on experiences, and in-depth study designed to promote critical thinking rather than test-readiness. Subject mastery is the goal. Despite our deliberate minimal emphasis on test preparation, OCA students consistently outperform students at area schools in standardized tests.


We create a nurturing learning environment.


We believe that the environment for education begins at home.  God gave parents primary responsibility for educating their children, so Oasis Christian Academy exists as an extension of the home.  As our school faculty comes alongside parents, we form a covenant community unified in our aims of raising and educating children in submission to God and His Word.  Students at OCA thrive in an atmosphere that values them as creative, distinct individuals, beginning a lifetime learning process that engages parents, students, and educators alike.