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Support Staff


Teresa Croft (Kitchen)

This is Teresa's first year with us, and we are happy to have her at OCA with us.  Each and every day she serves us selflessly; her joy and willingness to provide wonderful meals is evident in her interactions with faculty, staff, admin, and students. 


Juan Colon (Custodial)

  • 1st year at OCA

This is Mr. Juan's 1st year at OCA, and we love having him with us.  He devotes his time and energy to making sure that we have a spotless environment for educating.  He does a wonderful job!



Kristen Fisher (Kitchen)

  • 9 years at OCA
  • 2015 Power of One Award recipient
  • 2019 Life Saver Award recipient
  • Email

Kristen is so important to what we do here at OCA.  Her devotion to the students and faculty is obvious in the way she interacts with each of them. Her previous experience as an office manager shows in the way she organizes our kitchen and prepares food for so many.    


Angie Hall (Assistant Office Manager)

Angie is critical to the organization of OCA. For the first twelve years with us, she filled our much-valued receptionist's role, and for the last three years, she has worked alongside our Office Manager, Pam Gall keeping each and every one of us organized. 


Sean Marshall (Maintenance/IT)

Sean is an integral part of OCA, and we are always glad to welcome him to the Academy this year.  Sean maintains our facilities and our ever-growing IT needs.  His help is appreciated and valued.


Amity McGee (Custodial)

  • Criminology Certification (Polk State College)
  • B.S. Criminal Justice- (Polk State College- pursuing)
  • CPR Certified
  • First Responder Certification
  • Hostage Negotiation Certification 
  • 7 years at OCA
  • 2015 Power of One Award recipient
  • 2019 Life Saver Award recipient 
  • Email

Amity is an integral part of OCA.  She is always on-hand and ready and willing to help with anything that needs to be done on campus.  She spent fifteen years in law enforcement before coming to OCA in 2013, and we value her experience.


Summer McRae (Reception)

Summer is an important part of our OCA staff. Not only does she work as our receptionist at our Berkley campus, but as a certified event planner, she lends her expertise for our extra-curricular occasions as well. 


Martha O'Quinn (Reception)

  • 4th year at OCA
  • 2016 Life Saver Award recipient
  • 2017 Power of One Award recipient
  • Email 

Martha serves at the front desk as our primary receptionist; before coming to OCA, Martha worked as a Deputy Clerk for Polk County for 38 years.  She is always greeting everyone with a smile.  Martha also serves as our informal decor coordinator.  She is always quick to decorate to celebrate an employee's special day or remind us all of the upcoming events by decorating her front desk.