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School Hours


The school hours for each of our three campuses are as follows:


King Rd Campus (K5-8th; Main Office)

  • 7:00am- Campus opens
  • 7:45am- School starts
  • 2:45pm- School ends
  • 5:30pm- Campus closes


Lake Shipp Campus (Preschool)

  • 7:00am- Campus opens
  • 8:00am- AM classes start
  • 11:10am- AM classes end
  • 12:20pm- PM classes start
  • 3:30pm- PM classes end
  • 3:40pm- Campus closes


Berkley Rd Campus (High School)

  • 7:00am- Campus opens
  • 8:00am- School starts
  • 3:11pm- School ends
  • 3:30pm- Campus closes