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Expected Student Outcomes

All schools, including Oasis Christian Academy, proclaim goals of developing specific academic outcomes and a certain level of fundamental life skill expectations for students.

It is obvious that the expected result of a graduate's character, work ethic, and academic ability is not finished, knowing that the heart, mind, and overall maturity of the graduate continues over a lifetime. Scripture shows in Luke 2:52 that even Jesus matured in four important areas. Maturity and learning do not end at graduation; however, there are successful training regimens that increase the probability of a child adopting a Biblical belief system, learning habits, academic knowledge and genuinely living out Christ-like character traits. Although the primary molder of these "outcomes" is the parents, the Academy's influence plays a significant part as we partner together.

It is our prayer that our students graduate from OCA with the following desired foundational outcomes:

  • Fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ who demonstrate His character in all areas of everyday life; and love and serve others consistently.
  • Effective communicators prepared for college and career requirements.
  • Collaborative contributors engaged in impacting their world for Christ through their unique God-given talents and abilities.
  • Critical and creative thinkers who are able to navigate through opportunities and adversities using critical thinking skills confidently.
  • Self-directed learners who develop a Christian worldview and thorough knowledge of scripture to share and defend their faith.
  • Problem-solving students who can confidently enter their career choice to impact the world for Christ.
  • Technologically adaptive students who are more effective, efficient, and productive.
  • Spirit-led individuals who love God and comprehend His world through the lens of Scripture.