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Jenny Addison (Administrator/ Director of Development and Curriculum/ Guidance Counselor)     

  • B.S. Elementary Education  (Florida Southern College)
  • Masters of Education in Educational Leadership (Southeastern University)
  • 22 years teaching experience
  • 8 years at OCA
  • 2012 Pam Gall Award for Superior Achievement
  • 2013 Pam Gall Award for Superior Achievement
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Jenny has a vast and well- varied educational range in classroom philosophy having taught in classical systems, traditional systems, and in the highly structured social education system of Japan.  She directs our fundraising efforts as well as our parent advisory boards.  Jenny serves as an integral resource to our entire student body and coordinates our Title I and Title II efforts for the entire school.  Jenny also oversees the ongoing curriculum requirements needed to maintain our accreditation through ACSI.  


Pam Gall (Office Manager/ Admissions Director)

  • 33 years of office experience
  • 33 years at OCA
  • 2010 Staff MVP Award recipient
  • 2011 Staff MVP Award recipient
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Pam has been at Oasis for all but a few years of its existence.  As the institutional memory of the Academy, she holds responsibilities ranging from the financial to the managerial, including directing the admissions process here at OCA.  Additionally, Pam oversees the kitchen staff, office staff, and many components of the auxiliary staff.


Cara Gall (Director of Operations/Support & Librarian/ Asst. Guidance Counselor)

  • B.A. English Literature (University of South Florida)
  • Master's in Information and Library Sciences (University of South Florida- pursuing)
  • ACSI Certified
  • 7 years teaching experience
  • 7 years teaching at OCA
  • 2014 Power of One Award recipient
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Cara plays an integral role in the organization of the Academy. As our librarian, she is always looking for new ways to inspire a love of reading through multiple platforms across all ages, as well as how to search for information in the digital age.